Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

We had to leave the Grand Teton area rather quickly due to upcoming weather. Our plans included heading to Glacier National Park, however since some of the roads are still closed due to snow we decided to wait and go there another time. We are now heading west! Towards the ocean! Our new plan is to go up the coast of Oregon and Washington.


After leaving the Grand Teton area we drove across Idaho and ended up having our first overnight at the Cracker Barrel in Boise, ID. Or as we now call it, “Dinner, Bed and Breakfast.” The staff was really nice and we enjoyed our stay!

It is actually a week of “firsts”…first Harvest Host visit, first parking lot dry camping/Cracker Barrel, first time to camp in Idaho, and it will be our first time to camp in Oregon tonight. Oh, and our first time to stay at a Thousand Trails location!

A little spot by the river


View of the Yampa River from the back of our campsite.


Wings backed up to Yampa River


Again, our plans changed…as we say, “serendipity happens!” We ended up getting this sweet little spot by the Yampa River right behind it. It is lovely to sleep to the sounds of a rushing river! This will be our base camp as we explore the Steamboat Springs area. We already explored some amazing Italian food last night! We had the best meal we have had since arriving in Colorado at Mazzola’s Italian Diner! Actually, it was some of the best Italian food I have ever had, ranks up there with NYC and Italy!


“…wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all.” ~Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Or perhaps simply stated in context of our current adventures, abandoning “perfect” and abandoning expectations of perfect.



When you buy a used RV, you do abandon the idea of perfect, as time and use cause things to be less than perfect. Parts need to be replace or will need to be replace. Of course, this would be true of a new RV, just hopefully not right away.

My husband and I have looked at each other and said, “wabi-sabi” many times in the last month. First for our downsizing and packing of things going into our storage unit, then in relationship to cleaning the house we had been renting. Things are not perfect, but they are completed to the best of our ability.

In recent days “wabi-sabi” has been used in regards to “Wings” and life in general. Our Shasta has parts that are far from perfect, some need to be repaired or replaced and others we are just finding beauty in the imperfection. The beauty in the accepting of things you cannot change…the weather, the mud being tracked into your cute little trailer, and the Internet not working well.

Our plans are also in a state of “wabi-sabi”…you know “best laid plans”…things come up, change, or are in another way imperfect. Serendipity happens. There is a comforting knowing that when “wabi-sabi” meets Serendipity life is good, although not how you planned and far from perfect. There can be (and often is) beauty in life’s cracks and imperfections!




It Takes a Community


We have been Shasta owners a little over a month now. We will probably be “RV newbies” for quite a while. We researched quite a bit, we have a daughter who also owns an RV…we were as prepared as we could be, knowing we had/have a big learning curve. Not far into the adventure (actually a couple miles), we realized it takes a community to help with the learning curve. We are thankful for those who have already helped us on our short journey into RVing!

The following groups and individuals have been such a huge help and blessing:

Bretz RV in Missoula, Montana

Living the RV Dream Facebook Group

A fellow Shasta Airflyte owner, whom we call “Shasta Dave”

Hector “The Great” @ Pioneer Trails RV Resort

We drove from Whidbey Island, WA to Missoula, MT to purchase “Wings” from the original owners. Unknowing to us we had put on the wrong size ball mount for our trailer hitch. A couple miles down the road we knew something was not right. We pulled into Bretz RV and the service manager dropped what he was doing to help us. They were very busy and it meant a lot that they took time to help us when we had not purchased our trailer from them nor were bringing them much revenue in our small repair. If we ever purchase an RV from a dealership in the future, we would strongly consider buying from them.

“Shasta Dave” has spent hours and hours on the phone and in emails with my  husband. He is like having a deluxe owners manual in human form! He is amazing! His experience, advice, and suggestions have been super helpful! We would have made so many mistakes without his guidance! We hope to someday meet him in person.

Although we had driven “Wings” from Montana to Washington, hooked it up to electricity in our yard, slept in her many nights, made sure basic things worked like the sink, refrigerator, and toilet, we had not yet really experienced full hook-ups and living in “Wings” away from home. Yesterday, we drove into Pioneer Trails RV Resort. Hector “The Great”  helped us with very basic hook-ups. After turning on the water, we discovered some issues. Then we discovered some more issues. Hector will be guiding us this week to figuring out how to resolve the various “issues.” Plus, he has a great sense of humor!

We are just very grateful and thankful for these people!