Washington to Florida…Again!

Yes, for the past three years in a row we have made the journey from Washington state to Florida. Interestingly, it seems to happen about the same time in the Autumn each year. This is never planned, although it seems to be a routine now. Sometimes it is a bit meandering, this year it was done in less than two weeks!


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 5.24.18 PM

Now we are hanging out in Florida recovering and may stay a while…then again, you never know with us! ūüėČ

We have been enjoying time with family and friends and plenty of time in the water!

Next up…visiting Micky Mouse!

RVing, Caregiving, and a Special Book

I just finished this wonderful book and wanted to share some thoughts…


In the past several years we have had to make many decisions about care for our older relatives and our part in their care. In addition, we started RVing during this time. I found myself relating to and totally enjoying this book!! It touched me deeply.

In 2013, we moved to Texas for many months to be with my father-in-law while he was in Hospice care at home. It was such a precious season¬†with him and we were so thankful for that time. ¬†After he passed we resumed our nomadic ways…traveled and moved around. During this period we bought our RV and started adventures in it. Then late last summer, we put everything on hold, put our RV in storage and rented a place in Arizona to help care for my mother-in-law and help my mother with my grandparents. We are so thankful we did, we made so many wonderful memories. My grandfather passed away in April and I’ll always be thankful for those months I had with him before we passed.

Both my grandparents enjoyed RVing for decades and often talked about it.¬†In the months before my grandfather passed he encouraged us to get back out in our RV and have adventures. And so we have…always keeping him in my heart along the way!

My grandmother is 104 now. In January, she went into Hospice care and recently she came out of it. The other day on a phone call she asked me to come get her and take her on adventures with us. Once she hears of Norma’s adventures, I am sure she will really want to…laughs. Not sure that we can, but it is fun to think about.

We are never sure what the future holds…for us or for our loved ones…this book reminds us¬†to live well each day and say, “yes!”


It Takes a Community


We have been Shasta owners a little over a month now. We will probably be “RV newbies” for quite a while. We researched quite a bit, we have a daughter who also owns an RV…we were as prepared as we could be, knowing we had/have a big learning curve. Not far into the adventure (actually a couple miles), we realized it takes a community to help with the learning curve. We are thankful for those who have already helped us on our short journey into RVing!

The following groups and individuals have been such a huge help and blessing:

Bretz RV in Missoula, Montana

Living the RV Dream Facebook Group

A fellow Shasta Airflyte owner, whom we call “Shasta Dave”

Hector “The Great” @ Pioneer Trails RV Resort

We drove from Whidbey Island, WA to Missoula, MT to purchase¬†“Wings” from the original owners.¬†Unknowing to us we had put on¬†the wrong size ball mount for our trailer hitch. A couple miles down the road we knew something was not right. We pulled into Bretz RV and the service manager dropped what he was doing to help us. They were very busy and it meant a lot that they took time to help us when we had not purchased our trailer from them nor were bringing them much¬†revenue in our small repair. If we ever purchase an RV from a dealership in the future, we would strongly consider buying from them.

“Shasta Dave” has spent hours and hours on the phone and in emails with my ¬†husband. He is like having a deluxe owners manual in human form! He is amazing! His experience, advice, and suggestions have been super helpful! We would have made so many mistakes without his guidance! We hope to someday meet him in person.

Although we had driven “Wings” from Montana to Washington, hooked it up to electricity in our yard, slept in her many nights, made sure basic things worked like the sink, refrigerator, and toilet, we had not yet really experienced full hook-ups and living in “Wings” away from home. Yesterday, we drove into Pioneer Trails RV Resort. Hector “The Great” ¬†helped us with very basic hook-ups. After turning on the water, we discovered some issues. Then we discovered some more issues. Hector will be guiding us this week to figuring out how to resolve the various “issues.”¬†Plus, he has a great sense of humor!

We are just very grateful and thankful for these people!