Brookings, Oregon

We are back in Brookings!

We left California earlier than planned due to the “atmospheric river” that was about to drench the area. Brookings is one of our favorite places to visit in Oregon!

Last year we stayed at Alfred A Loeb State Park and Harris Beach State Park.  Two of our favorite Oregon State Parks!

Note: To really appreciate the value of Oregon State Parks, stay in some California State Parks first. 😉


Our site at Harris Beach State Park

We are so excited to be here! Let the Oregon adventures begin!


A Tiny Rock

The Nomadic life is not all rainbows and sunsets…

We watched this six days ago, 10 Harsh Realities of RV Life by His and Her VLOGS.  We laughed while watching as we related to almost everything mentioned, we have experienced all of them except #10. And many of them just in the past month, especially the California reservation system! We were thankful it had been a while since we had any RV repair issues.

And then this happened…

Our Winnebago Travato started making a high pitched squeaking sound when backing up or going forward. The noise got worse by the second. Knowing we have great extended warranty coverage, we started making calls. After talking with several people, it was suggested that we have our Travato towed 127 miles to the nearest certified repairman. Who happened to be off on vacation until next Tuesday (this was Thursday). They mentioned the words, “power train issues.”

We decided to take it to a local dealership to have it looked over, to see if whatever is going on is dangerous or just noisy. Figuring we’d rather drive it ourselves somewhere than have it towed. They said we could leave the Travato with them the next day and they would try and fit it in between other jobs, BUT they could only look at it and not do any repairs. We explained that we were living in the Travato and could not just drop it off and leave it all day. Meanwhile (thankfully), an older gentleman (maybe an angel in disguise?), who had heard our noise when we drove up, came over and said, “It is just a rock.” He suggested we take it to a local tire shop.


Thank you to North Coast Tire in Fort Bragg, CA!


It was just a tiny little rock! The rock was in between rotor and backing plate!! North Coast Tire in Fort Bragg fixed it quickly! And when we asked how much we owed them, he shrugged and said, “All we did was take a rock out. Enjoy your trip!”

We were very thankful we had not had our Travato towed 127 miles to have a tiny rock removed!

Stuff happens, it is part of the adventure! 🙂 We are thankful for the kindness of strangers along the way!







Moab to San Diego

We had two RV meet-ups in one weekend.

One was in Moab and one was near San Diego. So we left one early and arrived at the other late.


Xscapers Moab Convergence ~ Three Winnebago B Class Vans Parked Together

At the Xscapers Moab Convergence we ended up parking near a Paseo and a Revel. It was the WinnieB section of the runway (the convergence took place on an old airport runway). 🙂


Winnebago Travato Meet-Up @ Agua Caliente County Park near Julian, CA

We left Moab early and headed to San Diego, stopping for the night at a Walmart in Richfield, UT.

12 Travatos + their amazing owners + hot springs in the desert + no cell reception = one fantastic time!

Boondocking Near Cortez, Colorado

In between Cortez and Mancos Colorado resides this boondocking gem. With a simple name and great views, County Road 34.  There are 12 sites. We found cell reception was better in the lower number sites. At first we parked in site 9, which is a pull-through and had some awesome views. However, the cell reception there was not enough to work.  We moved to site 3 and had much better reception.


Long Beach Peninsula


Travato on Long Beach ~ Great way to spend a beach afternoon!

We enjoyed the Long Beach Peninsula last weekend! And, yes, it was sunny the whole time!

Highlights (besides being able to use Travato on the beach as our “beach house” one afternoon)…

Where we stayed: Long Beach RV and Camping Resort

What we saw: Cape Disappointment State Park ~ which is NOT a disappointment!

Where we ate: Salt Hotel and Pub ~ So good we went back the next day!