Solo RVing

I have long admired people who are brave enough to solo RV. However, it is not something I ever thought I’d experience, even short term. We had talked prior to our adventure about what would happen if we needed to get somewhere quickly for a family emergency and had decided we’d either take our RV with us or store it and either fly or drive wherever we were needed.

Last week we received a call that Scott’s mother had fell and was headed to hospital. She had broke her hip and was scheduled for surgery the next day. Scott caught the midnight flight out of Seattle and I stayed with our RV. We simply did not have time to make any other plans and it was far too long to drive.

Since then I have been doing the “solo RV thing.” Quickly realizing how much of a joint effort taking care of an RV has been for us. Embarrassingly, there are things I have never done alone…like empty the black tank. Lately you’ll find me looking at YouTube videos on how to empty it and other RV basics.

Not sure how long Scott will be gone…and know this will change our upcoming travel plans some. One of the nice things about this way of living is that we have flexibility and are able to help out when needed.

My hats off to all those who solo RV on a regular basis!!


Picture from a recent Escapees Magazine article, which can also be read here.

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